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FACETTE is the result of successful teamwork of experienced identikit experts. First introduced in 1986 and since then continuously improved, the system has become a standard for identikit designs within a few years. FACETTE is deployed by most investigating authorities in German-speaking countries as well as in more than hundred police departments worldwide.

Focussed on the witness

is provided as a powerful but easy-to-use tool. According to the description of the witness the program automatically offers a choice of suitable facial combinations while it permanently shows complete portraits on screen. Thanks to the relaxed operation, you can concentrate fully on what is essential: the communication with the witness.

The FACETTE formula which ensures investigational success:

Optimum cooperation with the witness => accurate facial composites  => High clear-up rate

For the user:
Comfortable user interface allows fast, intuitive operation
You produce high-quality facial composites straightaway. Drawing skills
   are advantageous but not necessarily required.
Powerful tools for advanced image editing and retouching
Automated portrait design processes ensure fast results.

For the witness:
The relaxed working atmosphere encourages the willingness to cooperate.
Stress-free use allows the operator to concentrate fully on the witness.
Purposeful selections of alternative facial combinations stimulate the witness in recall.

For the authority:
Installation within minutes
Less training costs thanks to a fast to learn operation 
Long-term investment security by continuous updating
Constantly operational: Due to its ease of use FACETTE can be learned by as
   many co-workers as needed.
Life-like and accurate FACETTE composites help to optimize your clear-up rates