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1. „Auto-Imaging“ function
FACETTE produces synthetic portraits fully automatically: According to the description of the witness - after working through a check list - the program offers a random choice of facial combinations. A special filtering process leads you to an accurate portrait resemblance within minutes. Facial compositing has never been that easy.

2. Start-up portraits
From a selection of rough and abstract portraits the witness chooses the one which comes closest to the correct facial shape. This basic portrait is furtherly processed by adding concrete facial components like hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth etc. as long as the wanted result has been achieved.

3. Step by step
Single facial components are inserted into an empty window in order to build a portrait step by step: Facial shape, hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears – followed by additional elements such as shadow lines and rims for aging, beard, glasses, headgear, cloth, piercing etc.

4. Further processing of portraits from your FACETTE archive
FACETTE contains an own image database for filing and organizing your completed portraits. Images can be retrieved visually or by verbal query: Date, editing number, operator, witness’ data etc. Every existing portrait can be modified in any way and serve as basis for a new portrait.

5. Importing of external images
Images which have been scanned from printed media or have been found in external image databases can easily be imported to serve as a new identikit. The imported image has to be adjusted to the FACETTE reference mask for correct size and position. Then it’s ready to be edited and its facial parts can be replaced or completed by FACETTE components.